About Us

Some history about Salmanidis Basileios A.B.E.E.

The company Salmanidis Vasilios A.B.E.E. KIWOPLAST was established on 1978 by Salmanidi Vasilio and his family. A man who knows everything about the agrarian work of landowner who saws the needs of agrarian life and the evolution of the fruit and vegetable market in his region and he wanted the evolution of the package and specific at the construction of plastic boxes for the harvesting of the fruits.

Having in his side was his wife and his three children he started to built his factory in Giannitsa and after he bought a machine he started to product plastic boxes.

The Present

Ηis correct work, consistency and guarantee made his company one of the best industry of plastic boxes in whole Greece.

Τhe direct contact with the sellers of the vegetable market and the associations recording of their needs including the progress and the improvement in the plastic area made this company having a complete gamut of plastic boxes in different size useful for all their clients.

Τhe manage of the company has two participants Mr Sotiris and Sarantis Salmanidis. The company is based on the 2nd Km of National Road Giannitsa-Edessa .